Sewickley Electrolysis with Julie . . . you would think this would be the scariest part of the week - electrical current being applied to my face. It is the farthest thing from scary. Why? Julie is calm. She is like a warm cozy blanket after you played in the snow. Any anxiety that you bring into her office departs as soon as you meet Julie. Professionally, she is very knowledgeable and experienced. Her equipment is the newest and the best. Her fingers know exactly how to attack those nasty hairs with the best results. My unwanted facial hair is soon becoming a thing of the past. I have gone to 3 other electrologists in my life (be careful who you choose – don’t go to anyone else – just learn from my mistakes). Julie is the real deal, creating real results!

- Val from Cranberry Twp.

I had a bad experience with an electrologist several years ago and was nervous to try electrolysis again. After waiting 8 years I finally got up the nerve to try again and that’s when I found Julie. Within minutes of meeting her, my anxiety was gone. She was very thorough in explaining the different types of hair removal as well as the specifics of the electrolysis methods she uses, which put me at ease. Sterilization was a big concern for me. Unlike my previous electrologist, Julie always prepares the equipment, including the probes, while I am there. Since she uses disposable probes, I get to see her open a new one for me each time I am there. I can’t tell you how much peace of mind that gives me! Julie’s warm and friendly nature is the icing on the cake. I look so forward to my sessions with her not just because of the hair removal, but because of how comfortable and relaxed I am as soon as I walk through her door. Julie is so professional and knowledgeable, and I have seen great results since I started electrolysis with her. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

  —J.H. from Sewickley


I spent years trying other electrologists before Julie and was so frustrated with getting no results. As soon as I started going to Julie’s, I began noticing real and permanent change – What a huge relief after years of wishing for a certain image to finally see it start to happen! I have to travel an hour each way for my appointments, but I wouldn’t even think of going to someone closer – Julie is that reliable at producing results. Not only do I feel comfortable with her work, but I feel comfortable with her as a person and firmly believe that she has my best interests in mind. Give Julie a chance, and your search will finally be over!

–Kristen from Grove City


Why would someone want to make a recommendation for electrolysis when it is so personal?? Because how else are you going to know who’s good! Many of us could use a little “tweaking.” If tweezing is your tweaking, visit Julie behind Cafe des Amis. She is a lovely, very interesting lady and she has designed a private and relaxing space for her craft.

–Sheila’s facebook entry from Sewickley