Why Choose Sewickley Electrolysis?

Julie Auth

Julie Auth - Professional Electrologist

After receiving electrolysis treatments for approximately eighteen months, I strongly desired to help others the way that I’d been helped.  I began servicing clients in Sewickley immediately after completing electrolysis training at Berkowits School of Electrolysis in Queens, NY (one of only two American Electrology Association accredited schools in the US).  The business has been growing ever since due largely through client referrals and word of mouth advertising.  I love what I do…..meeting new clients, educating them, and helping them look and feel their best!

In addition to my career as an electrologist, I run my own business selling my brother’s Alaska Wild Salmon and attempt to keep up with my busy husband and four active children. Prior to business ownership and a family of four children, I graduated from the US Naval Academy and served in the US Navy for 10 years as an H60 helicopter pilot and water survival instructor.

About Electrolysis

Electrolysis requires a great amount of skill, and even though electrolysis machines are sold for home use, we recommend you turn to a trained and experienced electrologist.Picking the right electrologist to do the job is by far the most important factor in determining a safe and effective treatment. The removal of hair with electrolysis is an intricate procedure; the tiny probe needs to be precisely inserted in order for electrolysis to be effective.Modern technology has made electrolysis hair removal less painful.  We provide the gold standard and world’s most advanced technology in electrolysis.  The modalities I use are Blend and Thermolysis.  We will select the modality best suited for your hair and skin type, and my machines’ settings are highly adjustable so I can optimize the setting to meet your individual needs.  We use only high quality, pre-sterilized, disposable probes freshly opened for you at each and every visit.